Titanium pistons hydraulic disc brakes LHT


Downhill & Enduro

  • 800x800原图银色
  • 800x800原图单刹把
  • 800x800原图刹把双行程调节特写1
  • 800x800原图单夹器
  • Anti Leak system
  • 800x800原图夹器活塞特写
  • 800x800原图LHT拆解图
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  • K28 hose
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  • 800x800原图银色
  • 800x800原图单刹把
  • 800x800原图刹把双行程调节特写1
  • 800x800原图单夹器
  • Anti Leak system
  • 800x800原图夹器活塞特写
  • 800x800原图LHT拆解图
  • 800x800原图来令片
  • K28 hose
  • 6bc7d8bef0875a463b1b72dfad23148_副本_副本

Lewis LHT Axial Cylinder 4x17mm Titanium Pistons Hydraulic Disc Brake

4*17mm-piston caliper designed for tougher challenging trails.

Patented 3 Adjustment Technologies for Leverage Ratio & Lever Reach & Bite Point.

Front+Rear Brakes weight = 639g(Oil Hose included), 422g without Oil Hose.

4x17mm Titanium+Ceramic pistons with TP-40 sintered Brake pads.

A pair of brakes uses a total of 8 Titanium pistons and 18 Titanium screws for each component.

Approx. 68g for titanium parts, 107g for stainless steel parts, cumulative weight reduction of approx. 39g

Upgraded hinged clamp, no fray bike handlebar.

Easy Bleeding Technology.

Mineral Oil and Kevlar K28 hose.

High-precision CNC machining technology.

Powerful but predictable braking force.  

Ultra light lever action.

Bearing pivots provide superior modulation and feel.

Retail Price: US$509 per set (Front +Rear Brakes), Tax Excluded

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  • Bite Point & Lever Reach Adjustment
    Bite Point & Lever Reach Adjustment

    Lewis' patented technology for dual adjustment of lever reach & bite point allows you to customize the feel to your preference for superior performance out on the trails.

    Reach(tool free), bite point(with allen key).

  • Leverage Ratio Adjustment
    Leverage Ratio Adjustment

    The patented Free Lever Adjustment technology allows the lever ratio to beadjusted by moving the center point of the brake lever.

  • 4x17mm Pistons
    4x17mm Pistons

    Upgraded 4x17mm pistons, with titanium bolts, high strength and light weight.

  • Titanium Pistons with Ceramic Insulation
    Titanium Pistons with Ceramic Insulation

    In high-intensity use environments, the good high-temperature thermal conductivity of the titanium material complements the ceramic thermal insulation, allowing the pads to conduct and dissipate heat more evenly.

  • Anti-Leak Oil System
    Anti-Leak Oil System

    Detachable Olive Head used in Anti-leak System makes it easier for the rider to disassemble the brake hose.

  • Top Quality K28 Oil Hose
    Top Quality K28 Oil Hose

    K= Kevlar, 28 = 28 mesh braided per inch, K28 series hose than traditional 4-layer nylon hose, an increase of 40% Kevlar, the use of the latest weaving process technology, density breakthroughs in the highest ever, from the experience, the new series brought about by the change in the brake feel is obvious and can be perceived as a very hard braking feel. Provides a better choice for riders.

  • TP-40 Sintered Brake Pads
    TP-40 Sintered Brake Pads

    LHT Ultimate uses a 40mm wide sintered metal TP-40, a larger area meant for better wear resistance and heat decay performance.


Material CNC 7075T6 Aluminum
ColorBlack, Silver, Black & Silver, customized colors
Clamp Type Hinged
ADJUSTABLE PAD BITE POINTYes, with 2mm Allen key

Material CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum
Color Black, Silver, customized colors
Brake lever version1 Finger

Material CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum
Color Black, Silver, Black & Silver, customized colors
MOUNT TYPEPost mount
Piston 4 x 17mm Titanium + Ceramic Pistions
Pad type Metallic 

Hose size Outside Diameter 5mm,Bore 2.2mm
Hose length 90cm front /160 cm rear, can be shorten to adapt bike
Hose finish Black, Braided
INTENDED USEEnduro, Downhill, All-Mountain, E-bike, Dirtbike
Rotors Not included, optional (140 mm | 160 mm | 180 mm | 203 mm | 223 mm)
AdapterNot included 
WEIGHTMaster Cylinder 94g, Caliper 117g
OilMineral oil
Bleed Kit RecommendationEZMTB 2022std

  • Sep-DE

    I'm more than surprised. 1. Bites very well. 2. Plenty of accessories included. 3. Lever adjustment is super easy to adjust and actually perfect because you can adjust it very precisely to your needs. 4.Setting the pressure point is child's play. Generally very well made, bleeding kit included, black steel flex line, replacement screws for the brake pads* included.


    I've been driving it for a few weeks now. I can't tell you anything negative. What all Lewis brakes have in common is a very clear pressure point that doesn't move. Braking performance on the “small” one is extraordinary. The LHT is a real pound. This means that our low mountain trails are absolutely over it.

  • Luke-NZ

    Excited to try these out! Initial impressions are, the build quality is outstanding and lever feel is great. Time to take them for a rip!

    Anonymous buyer-CN
    Anonymous buyer-CN

    Installed on Surron Light Bee, very strong braking power.