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  • How to become a dealer of Lewis?

    We invite distributors in all regions except the UK, Japan and Switzerland.

    If you have phycical Workshop/Bike Store to offer aftersales service and also have the passion to Promote Lewis Brakes in your area, Come and join us!

    Leave your Message on our website and we will get in touch with you immediately.


  • Why does Lewis use Mineral Oil For MTB Brakes?

    Why does Lewis use mineral oil and not DOT brake fluid for MTB Brakes?

    Unlike DOT brake fluid, mineral oil does not age with time and therefore offers consistent performance over many years. 

    Furthermore DOT brake fluid absorbs water over time, which leads to a loss of heat resistance and a reduction of the boiling point. This notably affects the performance of the brake. DOT brake fluid is also poisonous and corrosive. A small drop is enough to erode the finish on a bike or damage the skin. 

    Mineral oil is in comparison much easier to handle and offers consistent performance over a long period of time.

  • Trade Term

    1. Total Amount

    Less than US$999 & Means of shipment: by express or courier.

    It usually refers to samples order. And we recommend customer pay by Paypal at your convenience and choose express or courier shipment for saving time on road.

    For Paypal payment, we are willing to share half handing fee by Paypal, usually 4% of total amount, which means you only need to pay 4% of total amount.

    Our PayPal account is

    2. Total Amount

    US$1000--US$4999 & Means of shipment: by air or by sea.

    We suggest customer pay by internation bank and choose to ship by sea or air for saving cost.

    The bank detail is:

    Beneficiary's BANK: China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited

    Bank Address: 20/F,CCB Center,18 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay,Kowloon,Hongkong


    Beneficiary's Name: Tech Angler Company Limited

    Beneficiary's Address: Room A501 18 Xianggang Zhong Road, Qingdao,China

    Beneficiary's account No.: 846210172128