Lewis EP6+ Brake for Surron, Talaria, EMX



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Lewis EP6+ Axial Cylinder 6 Pistons Hydraulic Disc Brake for EMTB & E-motorcycle

EP6+ with Lever Reach and Leverage Ratio Adjustment System adapts to different preferences for brake.

Tailored for EMTB and electric off-road motorcycles, with a larger oil capacity to mitigate changes in feel due to wear.

Constructed from aerospace-grade 7075 aluminum alloy, CNC precision-cut to achieve high strength with a lightweight design.

Ultimate 6-piston, powerful braking performance, no more brake anxiety.

Independent cooling fins design for better high temperature performance.

Up to four precision bearings constitute each brake lever pivot, providing riders with an unparalleled braking experience characterized by stability and smoothness.

Fluid: DOT 5.1 (Large oil reservoir design)

Weight: Cylinder 149g, Caliper 260g

Piston: 6 pistons (4x14mm+2x17mm)

Rear Brake weight = 568g(Oil Hose included).


Retail Price: US$423/piece, US$846/pair, Tax Excluded


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  • Lever Reach Adjustment
    Lever Reach Adjustment

    Use a 2mm Allen Key to customize Lever reach.

  • Leverage Ratio Adjustment
    Leverage Ratio Adjustment

    Loosen the Leverage Ratio Fixed Screw and fine-tune the brake feel by turning the Lever Ratio Adjustment Knob.

  • Independent Cooling Fin Design
    Independent Cooling Fin Design

    Independent heat fin design for even better high-temperature performance.

  • 6 Pistons with ceramic insulation layers
    6 Pistons with ceramic insulation layers

    The piston is equipped with TITAN ceramic heat insulation layers, providing a more stable braking performance.

  • EP63 Brake Pads
    EP63 Brake Pads

    The new EP6 brake pads feature an increased friction area for improved heat dissipation performance.

  • Large-volume oil Reservior
    Large-volume oil Reservior

    Large-volume oil reservior, reduces maintenance frequency.Utilizes DOT 5.1 brake fluid for superior high-temperature performance.

  • 3-Bolts Caliper Fixation
    3-Bolts Caliper Fixation

    Multi-bolt fixation ensures the stability of the caliper under high-strength usage conditions.

  • Split Clamp Design
    Split Clamp Design

    New clamp design ensures higher strength and easier installation.

  • Anti-Leak Oil System
    Anti-Leak Oil System

    Detachable Olive Head used in Anti-leak System makes it easier for the rider to disassemble the brake hose.

  • Ambidextrous Brake Lever
    Ambidextrous Brake Lever

    Left and right-hand universal design accommodates different brake installation preferences.

Material CNC 7075T6 Aluminum
ColorBlack, Silver
Clamp Type Split
ScrewsStainless Steel
LEVER REACH ADJUSTMENTYes, with a provided 2mm Allen key

Material CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum
Color Black, Silver

Material CNC 7075 T6 Aluminum
Color Black, Silver, Black & Silver, customized colors
MOUNT TYPEPost mount
Piston 2 x 17mm+4 x 14mm,  Ceramic+ Insulation Layers
ScrewsStainless steel
Brake Pads Metallic EP-63

Hose K28 Black braided Oil hose
Hose size Outside Diameter 5mm,Bore 2.2mm
Hose length 110cm front, 165cm rear
Hose finish Black, Braided

EMTB, E-motorcycle


HD220-54mm(220mmx3mm), HD220-44mm(180/200/220mmx2.3mm)

Adapter & Rotor GuardNo Need
WEIGHTMaster Cylinder 149g, Caliper 260g
OilDOT 5.1(Large oil reservoir design)
Bleed Kit RecommendationEZMTB 2022std